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Go Green Newsletter

Posted by Vanessa Cowhey on Apr 8, 2010

Go-Green News!

  • National Cell Phone Recycling Week is this week. We are collecting old cell phones at the drop-off bins in the hall by the office.
  • On-going collection of batteries and ink cartridges (that fit in the palm our your hand) continues through the end of the school year. Cartridges generate a modest revenue for us. Keep them coming!
  • Up-coming collections: Worn out sneakers for “Nike Grind” will be collected in May; and used, unwanted crayons will be collected the last week of school.
  • Walk to School Fridays resumes this week. We encourage Emerson students to walk or ride bikes on Fridays (and/or EVERY day!) to start school with a clearer head and healthy extra exercise, while reducing the parking lot traffic jams and the amount of idling pollution (the worst) that is generated as a result. Talk about a WIN/WIN!

MARK YOUR CALENDAR! Thursday, April 22nd, is EARTH DAY! Many events will take place including a “Walking School Bus,” poster contest, waste-free lunch raffle, all-school raffle, and more.

Waste-Free Wednesday, April 7th

125 students brought a waste-free lunch. Mrs. Wenig's class had the most with 16, Schaubroek with 15, and Simon 13. Conservation Kids of the Week are Riley T. (Stelter), and John S. (Quinn).
Did You Know....
This week is National Cell-Phone Recycling Week. There are two drawers for collection of old cell-phones in the PTA drop-off bin in the hallway by the office.

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