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Green Corner - 3.10.10

Posted by Vanessa Cowhey on Mar 10, 2010

Waste-Free Wednesday, March 10th:
  • 122 students brought waste-free lunches
  • Mrs. Schaubroeck's had the most with 18 wfls (WOW!)
  • Mrs. Wenig's was a close second with 17
  • Conservation Kids of the week are Clayton L. (Oliver) and Santino O. (Witt)
  • 30+ pounds of garbage went to the dump

Waste-Free Wednesday, March 3rd

  • 132 total waste-free lunches
  • Mrs. Schaubroeck and Mrs. Wenig's classes tied for the most with 13
  • Conservation Kids of the Week are Alexander S. (Weeks) and Bobby S. (Mariani)
  • 50 pounds of garbage went to the dump

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