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Green Corner - 2.25.10

Posted by Vanessa Cowhey on Feb 25, 2010

Waste-Free Wednesday
February 10th was a  record setting Waste-Free Wednesday with:
  • 157 waste-free lunches (WOW!)
  • Mrs. Wenig's class was the new class winner with 16 wfls.
  • 37.5 pounds of garbage went to the dump
  • Conservation Kids of the Week are Damian P. (Weeks) and Andrew F. (Mariani)

Remember: a waste-free lunch means nothing is thrown away except uneaten food (including natural packaging like banana and orange peels).

Waste-Free Wednesday, February 17th
  • 152 waste-free lunches total
  • 54 pounds of garbage
  • Mrs. Schaubroeck's class "won" with 16, Wenig 14, Valdez 13
  • Conservation Kids of the Week are Michael K. (Stelter) and Joe H. (Guziewski)

Did you know...

Vehicle emissions tend to accumulate lower to the ground. (a child's breathing zone)

Emissions are 30-100% greater in concentration near roadways

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