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Green Corner - 1.7.10

Posted by Vanessa Cowhey on Jan 7, 2010

Waste-Free Wednesday, December 16th

The Wednesday before break we hit a new high with 146 waste-free lunch participants. YES!

  • Mrs. Schaubroeck's class had the most - 17 WFLs.

  • Other classes participating strongly were: Mrs.Simon - 13; Phillips - 12; Valdez - 12; Weeks - 10.

  • 48 lbs of refuse were recorded

Andrew F. (Kissel) and Sophia S. (Weeks) - Conservation Kids of the Week

Waste-Free Wednesday, January 6th:

Emerson Students kicked off the new year with 137 waste-free lunches; with Mrs. Schaubroeck's class bringing the most per class with 16. The garbage weighed 46.5 pounds. Conservation kids of the week are Ellie R. (Simon) and Quentin E. (Herman).
Each week someone brings in a waste-free lunch for the first time. It's never too late to start! Parents are realizing just how easy it is to pack a wfl. Many of our students participate every week. It's a great planet-healthy habit to get into Wednesdays, and every day of the week.

Did You Know....... 

"Idling for 20 minutes generates the same amount of dangerous emissions as driving nearly 320 miles."
- The Front Porch, November 2009

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