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Emerson's Science Olympiad Experiments are sure to be a hit this February!

Posted by Vanessa Cowhey on Dec 4, 2009

Nine fun and exciting experiments have been chosen for Emerson’s Science Olympiad to be held on February 23, 2010 from 6:15 to 8:00 pm. These hands-on learning activities have been chosen to spark the imagination and illuminate the world of Science.  The students will be placed on 4 person teams and rotate through a series of 3 amazing science experiments.  60 parent volunteers will be needed to lead the teams or to help run the experiments. Look for registration the last week of January and please consider helping out.


Wormology – an interactive observation of live worms and their wriggly habits facilitated by an expert scientist from the Field Museum.

Don’t Bug Me – directed by an expert from the Lakeview Nature Center, the children will follow the life cycle of a butterfly and other kid-friendly creatures.

Bubble Trouble – the exploration of bubbles in a fun and interactive environment.


The Skin You are In – our medical team of experts will help the children explore the “grossness” of scabs and wounds.

Weather or Not – A Meteorologist and the students will create tornadoes and clouds to observe the forces of nature at work.

Building Bridges – The children will be challenged to build the longest weight supporting bridge with the materials provided.


Mystery Architecture – Design architects will challenge the participants to build the highest tower using a bag of mystery materials.

Rock Hound – a Gemologist from the  Lizzadro Museum will guide the children through the identification and study of rock and mineral samples.

Charge! Electricity and Magnetism – Fermilab scientists will help the students explore the relationship of magnetism and electricity.

For more information, please see our website at

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