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Green Corner - 11.19.09

Posted by Vanessa Cowhey on Nov 19, 2009


Waste-Free Wednesdays: Emerson students have just participated in their fifth Waste-Free Lunch period. This week, 120 students packed a waste-free lunch, and  Mrs. Schaubroeck's class once again had the most per classroom. Our Conservation Kids of the Week (picked randomly from the waste-free lunch participants from each lunch period) are: Peter P. (Simon) and Madison J. (Valdez). Their pictures will be on display on the bulletin board in the hallway adjacent to the lunchroom, along with the winners from previous weeks. Those winners were Matteo V., Julia R., Dominic P., Luke S., Kaitlyn S., and Evan S. The bulletin board also displays information tracking the number of participants each week and other pertinent information. Check it out! Our benchmark refuse weight for a typical day is 62.5 pounds. Refuse has been averaging 12.8 pounds less on Waste-Free Wednesdays. This is significant when you consider that we don't weigh the recyclables! However, we can do better. Let's get the fourth and fifth graders in on the action as we continue our exercise in the terrific benefits of REUSING.

Drop-Off Bins: We are continuing to collect batteries and ink cartridges in the blue bins in the hallway just outside the office. Ink cartridges must be able to fit in the palm of your hand. Large toner cartridges are no longer acceptable.

No more pop-tabs. Due to the low price per pound of aluminum and the realization that 100 pop-tabs brings in a grand total of 3.5 cents, Go Green has decided it is not worth anyone's effort to continue collecting them. Putting it into perspective (see, one million tabs earns $366 dollars for your cause. If everyone instead put in one penny in place of every pop tab collected, $10,000 would be collected for the cause. Although we appreciate everyone's considerable tab collection efforts last year (a whole $8.25 worth), we recommend saving your fingers, keeping the pop-tabs on, and recycling the entire can instead!

*Did you know.................that according to the Earth Policy Institute, bottled water costs more than 1,900 times the cost of tap water, and is no safer? In 2004, 28 billion disposable water bottles were produced (using 17 million barrels of oil), spewing 2,500,000 tons of carbon emissions into the air in the process. Of these water bottles, 86% ended up as garbage....................

Visit the Emerson PTA Go-Green webpage:

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