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Yearbook Photos Needed

Posted by Julia Kanouse on Jan 11, 2017

The students on the yearbook committee need your pictures! If you would like to submit pictures from past school activities (like the holiday parties), please load them to TreeRing! That way, we can be sure that your photos are uploaded and available to the students to create the yearbook pages. The steps are listed below and are also on the help page at Further questions about image requirements and procedures can also be found on TreeRing’s website.

  1. To purchase a yearbook or upload photos you will need to have a TreeRing account Log in and select Add Photos (camera icon at top)

  2. Select the folder where you want the photo(s) uploaded. We have created several folders for each of the school activities (ex: First Day, Fall Fest, Holiday). Select the appropriate folder to add photos.

  3. Select Add Photos.

  4. Select where your photos are. You can upload your photos from My Computer, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

  5. Select the photo from the Pictures folder on your computer.  You can select more than one photo by holding down the Control key for a PC or the Command key for a Mac when selecting the photos.

  6. Once you find and select the photo you must select the privacy setting for the photo. If you want the Yearbook to be able to use the photo, the privacy setting must be set to All Emerson Elementary. Otherwise if you select “Private/Only Me” no one else will be able to see your photos. Once you have selected the privacy setting for your photo then select Next.

  7. After the photo(s) have uploaded, select Finish and the photo will be in the folder you selected. 

That's it! Thank you for helping the yearbook committee!

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