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Update: SB16 School Funding Reform Act

Posted by Jana Krausfeldt on Oct 15, 2014

By Carol Snyder, District 205 PTA Council Legislative Chair

SB16 continues to generate significant discussion throughout Illinois. Opposition to the bill, in its present form, is mounting because many School Districts, including District 205, will be negatively impacted.  Consequently, amendments to SB16 will likely be influenced by public outcry and the movement of other prospective measures intended to address Illinois' budget crisis. Prospective measures include:

  • shifting $10.2 billion in education pension costs from the state onto local school districts
  • making the 5% income tax permanent
  • replacing the IL flat income tax with a progressive income tax
  • imposing new sales taxes on services (such as dry cleaning, hair cuts, legal services, etc.)
  • introducing a "millionaire tax" - an additional 3% income tax on earnings over $1 million

Because school funding reform is only one part of a larger effort to address Illinois' budget woes, proposed amendments to SB16 may not be entirely favorable.  The Illinois League of Women Voters recently warned that amendments may include a shift in pension costs, thus continuing the erosion of school district finances and further burdening property taxpayers (see the Fact Sheet link below). Despite valid concerns, it is impossible to forecast how our legislators will respond to SB16 when they reconvene for the veto session on November 19th.

The District 205 PTA Council adopted a formal stance in opposition to SB16.  Please join us in raising our collective voices and demanding a beneficial outcome for ALL Illinois schoolchildren.

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