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Pie Throwing Fundraiser Earns Over $900 for SMARTBoards

Posted by Joan Letourneau on Sep 14, 2011

Last Thursday, we had a fantastic showing of kids who generously donated their dollars and threw whipped cream pies at teachers. We raised a whopping $902 for the Emerson SMARTBoard Campaign.

This money, combined with our remaining balance, was enough to get our 13th SMARTBoard and leaves us only $200 short of a 14th board. We can reach our goal of putting a SMARTBoard in every classroom (23 total), so let’s keep it going Emerson!

Many, many thanks go to the teachers who were willing to put their best face forward to be slathered in whipped cream: Chris Kissel, Konnie Weeks, Michelle Quinn, Valerie Baxter, Joanne Herman, Megan Stewart, Dina Marazzo-Capua, Jennice Fritz, Sandy Wenig, Stephanie Furlong, Kelly Guziewski, Karen Steahly, Linda Floyd, Joanne Sgarbossa, Mary Loversky and Claudia Valdez.

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