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Music Appreciation

Thank you for volunteering to bring music to the classroom!  By presenting these programs, you will help the students learn to listen actively and develop a relationship with music that will last a lifetime.

Click HERE for a list of the downloadable presentations.  (this will take you below so you don't have to read the next few paragraphs if you're already familiar with them)

The schedule below is organized by grade. Click on any of the highlighted programs (unhighlighted programs are still being worked on - stay tuned) and you can download a .doc file for the program you're presenting. This way you can prepare for your lesson without ever having to leave your home, though there are also hard copies stored behind the desk in the library. In the library, you'll also find the CDs you need to present your session.  CD players are available in the locked room off the library, or you can bring your own.  It's that easy!  Questions?  Please contact Caroline Casey at

Just a bit more information: although each of the presentations is already set as a stand-alone program, please bring your own ideas to the table, and if you find something that works especially well, let us know so we can incorporate your ideas into the presentations.  Presentations should be completed as follows:  two prior to Winter Break, and three after.  Here are some specific pointers:

  1. Schedule the time directly with the teacher. It is a good idea to confirm the date/time and content w/the teacher a few days in advance. Each program should be no more than 30 minutes, and even less for younger grades. 
  2. Some of the presentations are seasonal (Halloween music, The Nutcraker, etc.).  Keep that in mind as you plan.
  3. Feel free to invite other parents to help you or to take turns presenting. 
  4. You can prepare by downloading the program from this website. The actual program binders can NEVER leave the building.
  5. You can use the music program's boom box, available in a locked room off the library.
  6. You may add to your presentation by checking out picture books from the library or bringing props or costumes of your choice.
  7. Enjoy the experience. Any stage fright will dissipate as you focus on the music and the children. The script, written in a question and answer format with answers provided, should make it easy for you to get the students, and yourself involved.
Here are the presentations:
The Sorcerer's Apprentice
Listen to the Band
Carnival of the Animals
Water Creatures
Halloween Dances
Nutcracker Suite
Guess the Animal
Peter and the Wolf
Grand Canyon Suite
Folksong Tour of America
Mozart, the Child Composer
Opera: Hansel and Gretel
Spooky Classics
Japan's Spring Festival
Guide to the Orchestra
Ragtime and Dixieland
Goin' Home
History of Rock and Roll
South and Central America
Motown Hits
Baroque: Vivaldi and Bach
Click on any of the following programs to download the .doc file.  We also have hard copies stored behind the desk in the library, where you'll also find the CDs you need to present your session.  It's that easy! Questions?  Please contact Caroline Casey at

President's message

A special thank you to The Vitogiannis Family for providing lunch for our Emerson staff and teachers last week for Teacher Appreciation Week.  Everyone raved about it!  If you’d like to try it for yourself here is their address in... Continue »

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