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Welcome to Art Discovery 

The goal of Art Discovery is to introduce Emerson school students to some of the world's most noteworthy artists and their works in micro-bursts of art history and art creation.

Our strategy is to ask the children general questions about the art and let them do the discovering given the knowledge they already have. Instead of giving out information, the questions will let the children discover or investigate the art by building on what they know, what they can do, and what they like to do.

This can be a very exciting way to look at art. The children invest themselves into it, they find out their own answers, they learn that not everybody sees things the same way, and they develop opinions of their own. This process helps them to develop both analytical skills and critical thinking.

We hope this program will be enriching for all involved.


Tips For Presenting

You don't need to know a thing about art. Everything has been done for you. This program isn't about testing anyone's knowledge of art history, it's about getting a dialogue going with kids about art. It's about asking them what they see and how they interpret it. No answers are right or wrong, and I guarantee they won't ask you any tricky questions about an art period...

Don't be nervous- before I did my first presentation, I thought I was going to start asking the kids questions about the slides and they would stare silently at me. But they were all too happy to offer their opinions and answers. It took about a minute before they got totally into the conversation. They completely enjoyed looking at the artworks and talking about them.

Don't go too fast- Let them look at the slides for a little while- sometimes it takes a minute for them to see something or form their opinions. Sometimes it takes one child saying something about a slide, and then another child will see something different and then they will be discussing art!

What you will get out of presenting- It is so exciting to see kids naturally become excited about talking about a topic like art. Something that you may not feel like you know much about, but you see kids discussing it from the heart, and you realize it doesn't have to be a daunting subject.

Art is about personal expression, it's made to be viewed by all people, and all reactions to, and thoughts about it, are legitimate. Let our kids inspire you to look closely at art with them and form your own opinions.

One final great thing about this program is that most of the artworks included can be found at the Art Institute. Have fun visiting the museum with your kids and trying to pick out the artworks you have talked about. See how different they look in real life as opposed to a slide!

If you have any questions, please contact Angela Hedworth at



Jackson Pollock Presentation

2nd Grade

Diego Rivera Presentation

3rd Grade

Degas Presentation

VanGogh Presentation

O'Keefe Presentation

Picasso Presentation

President's message

A special thank you to The Vitogiannis Family for providing lunch for our Emerson staff and teachers last week for Teacher Appreciation Week.  Everyone raved about it!  If you’d like to try it for yourself here is their address in... Continue »

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