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Fair Share Fee + Emerson PTA = Student Activities

Emerson Fair Share Activity Fee

$25 for first student/$20 for additional students

The Emerson PTA does NOT participate in mandatory fundraising activities to provide for our standard operating budget. That means we do NOT require our students/families to sell items such as candy, wrapping paper, etc. throughout the year.

In lieu of these fundraising activities, we ask each family to contribute a small fee of $25 for the first student and $20 for additional students at Emerson to help fund the majority of our yearly budget. This fee covers a significant amount of activities the Emerson PTA provides and a school directory. 

Examples of activities include: Classroom Support, Assemblies, Class Parties/Picnics, Fine Arts/Music Appreciation, Lunchtime Clubs, Science Olympiad, Family Rec Nights, Fall Fest, Ice Cream Social, and so much more.  Your contribution makes it possible for the Emerson PTA to continue to offer a wide range of activities for all students throughout the school year.  Donations in addition to the fee are greatly appreciated.

PTA Membership Dues

$7 per parent

Please join the Emerson PTA.  We are a local unit of the national Parent Teacher Association.  The job of the PTA is to promote the healthy welfare of children at home, school & community by collaborating on projects that benefit children & bring valuable resources to its members.

10 Truths About Parent Involvement

from the Illinois PTA website

Research shows that regardless of income or background, when parents are involved, students are more likely to earn higher grades, enroll in higher-level programs, attend school regularly, have better social skills, graduate, and go on to postsecondary education. Here are some truths about parent involvement that you can use to gauge your involvement level and the relationship you have with your child's school. After reviewing these truths, check out PTA's resources for parent involvement for ways to get more involved:

  1. All parents have hopes and goals for their children.
  2. Parents differ in their abilities and/or resources to help their children reach those goals.
  3. The parent is the central contributor to a child's education.
  4. Parent involvement must be seen as a legitimate element of education and deserves equal emphasis with elements such as school improvement and evaluation.
  5. Parent involvement is an ongoing process, not a series of events.
  6. Parent involvement requires a shared vision, policy, and framework for planning programs and practices that are connected to student learning.
  7. Many barriers to parent involvement are found within school practices, attitudes, and assumptions.
  8. Successful parent involvement programs help families guide their children’s learning from preschool through high school.
  9. Families from diverse backgrounds have their own sets of norms and experiences that often influence their relationship with schools.
  10. Parents are more likely to become involved when they understand that they should be involved, they feel capable of making a contribution, and they feel invited by the school and their children.

President's message

A special thank you to The Vitogiannis Family for providing lunch for our Emerson staff and teachers last week for Teacher Appreciation Week.  Everyone raved about it!  If you’d like to try it for yourself here is their address in... Continue »

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