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Frequently Asked Questions

School Happenings - Late Summer/Fall
School Happenings – Winter/Spring
Things to Know – Just for Parents
Things to Know – Just for Kids

School Happenings - Late Summer/Fall

Class Lists:  Approximately one week prior to school starting, class lists are posted on the east door of the school.

PTA Opening Day Coffee:  On the first day of school, after dropping your child(ren) off, parents are invited to attend a breakfast in the MPR/Library.  This is a great time to meet other families, sign up for volunteer opportunities and ask questions while enjoying some coffee and treats.  You are also encouraged to pay your fair share money at that time.

PTA Fair Share Money Collected:  In lieu of continuous fundraising campaigns, each family at Emerson is asked to pay a small fee of $25 for the first student and $20 for each additional students at the beginning of the school year.  This money is used to pay for programs, room parties and other PTA sponsored events.Parents and caregivers are also encouraged to join the PTA. 

Curriculum Night:  Please read the principal’s letter, Emerson Talk205, for details on the date and time.  This is an evening for parents only to come meet the teacher, learn about the upcoming year’s curriculum and sign-up for parent/teacher conferences.

PTA Meetings:  The 3rd Tuesday of every month members meet in the Emerson library to discuss upcoming events.

PTA Fall Fest:  This free festival sponsored by the PTA is open to all Emerson families and is usually held the Friday prior to Halloween.  Families may come in costume to participate in games, activities and snacking.

Parent/Teacher Conferences:  Check the district school calendar for dates (sign up for a time @ Curriculum Night).  This is a 10-15 minute meeting for you and your child’s teacher to discuss your child’s progress.

School Happenings – Winter/Spring

PTA Room Parties:  Each class will have a room party to celebrate the holiday season.  This party is organized by the Room Parent and supported by all parents in each classroom.  Please watch for a note from your child’s Room Parent asking for both volunteers and donations.  There is also another party/picnic scheduled during the year.

PTA Family Fun Night:  Please watch for details on the date, time and venue.  This is an evening of free fun provided by the PTA for all Emerson families at some point during the winter.  In previous years, there has been a skating night or a fun fair.

PTA Book Fair:  The Scholastic Book Fair is usually held one evening in the fall.  It is an opportunity for students and parents to come purchase books.  The PTA is able to use the profits to provide books resources for the teachers.

PTA Rec Nights:  This is a great time for parents and their child(ren) to get together & participate in some fun, organized, recreational  activities!  Evenings occur in the winter months by grade level.  Come get to know some of your child(ren)’s friends and parents.

PTA Teacher Appreciation Week:  For a week in early May, parents and students attempt to adequately thank our teachers for all their hard work.  Please watch for notes coming home in April explaining how you can participate.

Class Picnics:  Throughout the last few weeks of school, each class will have a picnic to celebrate the end of the year.  The Room Parent coordinates the details with their teacher and informs parents of the date, time and other details.

Field Day:  This school day afternoon of games in May is organized by Emerson’s P.E. staff and supported by numerous parent volunteers.  Students rotate in small groups through all the games.  Water ad popsicles are provided by the PTA.

Things to Know – Just for Parents

Absences: Absence from school should be reported by 9 am.  The school phone number is 630.834.3296 and if the office is closed, you may leave a message.  Be sure to include your child or children's name, teacher's name, the time and date of your call, reason for the absence and your name.

Drop-off & Pick-up: Please read the handbook, talk to other parents or watch for details in the Principal’s Letter, Emerson Talk205, on the proper routine for dropping off and picking up your child.  We want all children to be safe!

Lunch for Grades 1-5:  Lunch is from 11:05 – 12:05.  Hot lunch and milk are available every day at Emerson.  Menus are sent home and posted on the school and district websites.  Please read the “Emerson Handbook” on how to purchase lunches.  Your child may also bring a lunch or go home for lunch.

Home Folder:  Every child has a home folder they will bring home daily.  Important notes, homework and school information will be sent home in this folder.  We recommend making a habit of looking in the folder every night.

Participate:  Please take a moment and consider how you can help at Emerson School.  Volunteering is a great way to be a participant in your child’s school life.  We know you and your child will be glad you made the effort!

School closings: There are several radio and television stations that you can listen to for school closings.  In case of weather emergencies you will receive an automated phone call from the Superintendent, Dr. Dave Pruneau.  For information online, visit the District 205 Emergency Closing page.

More Info:  If you have more questions throughout the year, please ask other parents or school staff members, refer to school and district handbooks, and/or reference any of the websites listed below.  Please be aware that in an effort to ‘Go Green,’ more info from the school will be coming home via email and website updates.

Things to Know – Just for Kids

Art & Music Appreciation:  These short lessons on classic art and music are taught in each classroom throughout the year by parent volunteers who are organized by the PTA.

Assemblies:  These fun and enriching experiences during the school day are provided by the PTA throughout the year.

Battle of the Books:  This teacher run club for 4th & 5th grade students provides opportunities for students to read the newest award winning books, discuss, create projects and ‘battle’ their knowledge in teams.

Chess Club:  This PTA sponsored club is held during lunchtime in the winter / spring months for students to play chess together.  Parent volunteers help supervise and instruct students in grades 1-5.

Cub Scouts:  This after school program is available for boys in grades 1-5.

Emerson Singers:  Students in grades 4 & 5 may work with the music teacher to prepare & participate in organized singing events throughout the school year.

Fairytale Follies:  Teachers and parent volunteers work with 2nd & 3rd grade students to create theatrical productions of fairy tales.  Children meet 1 to 2 times per week in the winter and spring months during the lunch hour.  A production is held in late spring.

Girl Scouts:  This after school program is available for girls in grades K-5.  Committed adult volunteers provide opportunities to build the girls’ courage, confidence and character.  Troops meet an average of twice a month for an hour.

Homework Club:  An after school club, sponsored by the District 205 Foundation, helps students improve study skills.

Intramurals:  This athletic opportunity is available to all 4th & 5th graders.  Teams meet once a week after school.  Each session is organized into a variety of sports (e.g. soccer, volleyball, kickball, etc).  

Orchestra/Band:  Participation is available for students in grades 4 & 5.

Student Council:  A student government group for grades 4 & 5.  Students participate in meetings and organize fun events throughout the year (e.g. movie night, ice cream at lunch, etc.) that promote school community.

Yearbook:  Students work with parent volunteers organized by the PTA during part of their lunch hour to create the Emerson Yearbook.  This is an ongoing project throughout the school year.

revised: Aug. 10, 2014

President's message

A special thank you to The Vitogiannis Family for providing lunch for our Emerson staff and teachers last week for Teacher Appreciation Week.  Everyone raved about it!  If you’d like to try it for yourself here is their address in... Continue »

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